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Dr Oz: Eat Asparagus to Boost Your Mood

If you could get back one thing from your youth, what would it be? Dr. Oz put a poll up on his site with that question and 54% of the people who responded said they miss having beautiful hair, so today he has solutions to help age-proof your hair.

Dr Oz: Use a Hair Marker for Gray Roots

Amy Keller Laird of Women’s Health magazine says that just like our skin, our hair changes as we age, with some of the reason being due to genetics but also because we are getting older. Amy shared tips for the most common hair complaints that women have.


  1. Jackie sulek says

    I was very interested in the dream:on app that was discussed on the 1/9/14 show. I tried android Google play market and iTunes apps and there is no such app to be found. Is this the correct name for the app? I tried entering the title of the app several different ways and still no result! Can you please help me find this app if it is indeed a real app? Thank you

  2. January Michels says

    I Am Having A Problem Locating The AP Dream On That Was On Your 1/9/2014 Show Can You Help Me? Does It Have A Different Name?

  3. January Michels says

    I Can’t Find The Right dream On AP From Your show On 1/9 Please Help me Find The Correct AP Thank You

  4. Angie Taylor says

    I used the Dream On app. Today right after the show, for a little cat nap! WOW! Interesting – I went down deep!

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