Dr Oz: 5 Comfy Shoes – Aerosoles, Kelly & Katie, Tahari & B.O.C.

By on April 19, 2012

Dr Oz: Top 5 Shoes That Look & Feel Great

Looking for hot shoes? On today’s show, Doctor Oz put Celebrity Stylist, Robert Verdi and Podiatrist, Hillary Brenner together to find the top 5 shoes to help your feet look and feel great! While Robert went for the fashion, Hillary searched for the arches and the stability of the shoe. They finally came up with the 5 perfect shoes.

Dr Oz Kelly & Katie “Chandra”

Dr Oz spoke about comfy cute shoes like the Kelly & Katie “Chandra” heels.

Aerosoles BeC 2Differ Flat Review

Chloe, an audience member, told Dr Oz that she was looking for a cute flat shoe. She modeled the Aerosoles BeC 2Differ Flat in leopard print. (It looked cute enough!) Robert liked the shoe because you could wear it with anything like jeans, pants, shorts—you name it. Hillary liked it because the shoe had great support and if you don’t have enough support, you can always buy an insert for more.

Kelly & Katie “Chandra” Heel Review

Darcy, an audience member, came out to model the Kelly & Katie “Chandra” Heel. (This was the shoe that Michelle Obama wore.) This shoe has a 2-inch heel and looked great. (This was why Robert loved it!) Hillary liked the shoe because it was fashionable without being too high. Hillary says 2-inches is the maximum height a shoe should be. (Tell that to Pamela Anderson!) Anything above that, you run the risk of knee and back pain.

Tahari “Alyssa” Wedge Review

Jennifer, a Dr Oz audience member, modeled the Tahari “Alyssa” Wedge. Robert liked the wedge because it was the trend of the season. (Personally, I love wedges! They’re great for the clumsy girl that likes the look of heels.) Hillary liked the wedge because, again, it wasn’t too high in the back so it won’t cause pain.

Kenneth Cole “Look Over Here” Boot Review

Rebecca, another Dr Oz audience member came out wearing the Kenneth Cole “Look Over Here” ankle boot. Hillary liked it because the boot offered great support, plus the material was made of a soft suede.

B.O.C “Adie” Flip-Flop Review

Jennifer, a Dr Oz audience member, modeled the B.O.C “Adie” Flip-Flop. (I LOVE flip-flops!) Robert liked the shoe because it looked fresh and summer-y. Hillary liked the shoe because it was practical and comfortable. Most flip-flops you can bend in half, this one you can’t because it’s more stable. Also, the thong part of the shoe is leather, which is soft and can prevent blisters.

Dr Oz also discussed the 3 warning signs your shoes are telling you.

Dr Oz Bunion Remedy – Peppermint Oil

If the sole of your shoe is worn out under big toe, you could be developing bunions. To remedy, add stone and peppermint oil to a tub of warm water to reduce inflammation. Allow the foot to sit in the bath for 15 minutes.

Dr Oz: Ice Foot Arch Massage

If the outer edge of the shoe is worn out, you may get joint inflammation. To remedy, freeze a paper cup of water, tear it out and rub the ice against the arch of the foot to soothe discomfort.

Dr Oz: Shin Splint Remedy

If the outside of the shoe is fine and the insides are worn out, you may get shin splints. To remedy, before a shower, take off shoes and use toes to scrunch a towel. This prevents spasms while strengthening the muscles.

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