Dr Oz: AlgaeCal, Hawthorn & Vinpocetine Supplements Turn Back Time


Dr Oz: Supplements to Turn Back Time

Want to slow down aging in only minutes a day? Add decades to your life with powerful supplements that will slow down the hands of time for your brain, bones and heart.

Dr Oz Eggplant Age Spot Remedy

Dr Oz spoke about anti-aging supplements and gave an Eggplant Age Spot Recipe!

Dr Oz: Vinpocetine Supplements for the Brain

Vinpocetine is a supplement that comes for Madagascar from the periwinkle plant. It’s used to help avoid Alzheimer’s Disease. Vinpocetine can prevent memory loss and stave off dementia by increasing blood flow to the brain. It helps you hold on to memory for years to come. Take 10 mg 3 x per day.

Dr Oz: Hawthorn Supplements for the Heart

Hawthorn comes from berries in the Mediterranean countries and has been used for many years. Hawthorn is an extract made from a plant in the rose family. The Hawthorn leaves, berries and flowers are filled with flavonoids, which can help to lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol. Take 150 mg 3 x per day.

Dr Oz: AlgaeCal Supplements for the Bones

Dr Oz says frailty is the main reason we die too young. To keep the bones strong, take AlgaeCal supplements, which hail from South America and are made from a marine plant. AlgaeCal is loaded with calcium that the body absorbs better. Studies show that AlgaeCal increases bone density after 6 months of use. Take 1 capsule 3x per day.


  1. Janet Donnelly says

    Please tell me where to purchase the AlgaeCal in the Mississauga/Toronto area. I went to one health food store but they did not have it in stock.

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