Dr Oz: Anti-Aging Collagen Pills & PLE Sunscreen Supplement Review


Dr Oz: Anti-Aging Pill Solutions

The next whole body anti-aging solutions come in the form of three different pills for three different types of people. Dr. Oz says the best part is that each one only costs around $10 for a one-month supply. Dr. Tess Mauricio is a dermatologist who believes pills are a good option because they offer you benefits from the inside out!

Dr Oz: Lipowheat Supplement Review

The pill you can take if you want to look younger is called Lipowheat and Dr. Mauricio says this is best suited for people with dry, itchy skin. She says it is the ultimate moisturizer from the inside out as it makes the wrinkles less noticeable while giving you a healthy glow.


  1. Gloria Latta says

    I heard Dr. Oz say it’s type II hydrolyzed collagen we need to take, but the link leads to only type I and type III. Did I misunderstand what Dr. Oz said on the show?

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