Dr Oz: Argan Oil for Frizzy Hair & Hair Color Marker for Grey Hair


Dr Oz: Quick Hair Fixes

Want to know how to turn that dry, fly-a-way hair into a beautiful mane? On today’s show, Doctor Oz was joined by Celebrity Hairstylist, Louis Licari to reveal common hair disasters and how to fix them with things like Argan Oil for frizzy hair, a hair color marker for grey hair, hairspray for thinning hair and a hair glaze for highlights. Louis says hair disasters occur because of all the harmful products you’re using on your hair. Summertime is approaching, so many women like to have that sleek look. In order to straighten curly locks, women turn to flattening irons, which dry out and damage the hair. Another issue is using too many products that can lead to breakage.  Plus, if you are into natural beauty treatments, you should checkout Dr Oz’s Remedies that were also on today’s show!


  1. Rosa says


    On your June 4, 2012 (today) program, you mentioned something about covering grey hairs in between hair coloring? Did you recommend a “spray” of some kind or a “marker”?

    I only caught a part of the program and thought you mentioned what you can use in between hair coloring for greys?

    Can you provide the name and website of the product you referred to today?

    Thank you,

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