Dr. Oz: Beat Thinning Hair, Pre-Pooing & Color Powder Hides Bald Spots


Dr. Oz: Thinning Hair

Dr. Oz kicked off his show by saying up to half of women will experience thinning hair by age 50. This is not the total baldness nightmare you’re having when reading that sentence, but more subtle, irritating thinness like the scalp showing through or the part getting a little wider.

Marcy, Denise, and Lisa all had thinning hair issues, so Dr. Oz asked celebrity hair stylist Sally Hershberger and natural hair expert “Curly” Nikki Walton to help out. They had the best tips and tricks for Marcy, Denise, and Lisa.



  1. Sharmaine Amirthanathan says

    Hi I’m suffering from terrible hair loss I have low thyroid I’m using coconut hair oil warmed every other night massaged and I wash in the morning. I use loreal shampoo and conditioner. I seldom tie my hair back. Please help how I could grow my thick hair back. I’m 50 years old.

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