Dr Oz: Best Spider Vein Treatments — Compression Stockings + Spray Tan


Dr Oz: Spider Vein Compression Stockings + Spray Tan

If you have spider veins that you wish would just disappear, you are not alone! These problems have bothered many women for years, but more and more, we are finding ways that we can do something about them instead of just having to feel self-conscious about the veins. Today Dr. Oz has the solutions to get rid of these embarrassing veins once and for all!



  1. Beth says

    Maybe Dr. Oz should have covered the subject that sometimes spider veins are a indication that there could be other problems within the leg that are causing the spider veins other than just being on your feet for long periods of time or that the person is over weight. I had treatment for spider veins that ended up coming back worse than ever because there were issues with the larger veins in the leg not working properly and letting the blood pool in the vein causing the blood to search for another route and creating the spider veins.

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