Dr Oz: Big Pockets Fix a Flat Butt & Padded Underwear Review


Dr Oz: Barbie Butt Underwear Review

Now that you know the best ways to correct your flatfeet and add life to your flat hair, Dr. Oz and his next guests have the advice you have been waiting for to help you to have a butt that looks bigger. It might just be easier than you think. Check it out!

Dr Oz: Fix a Flat Butt with Big Pockets

Have you ever looked it he mirror and wished you could fix something on your body? Does it bother you that your butt is flat, but you are not sure what you can do to plump it up a little? Style expert Mina Jacqueline-Au says it is very easy to fix a flat butt and her first bit of advice is to remember the bigger the pocket on your pants, the bigger your butt will look. She also says if you look for pants with bigger pockets, you should also look for the pockets to have colored stitching or embellishments because that will enhance your butt area as well.

Dr Oz: Padded Underwear Fix a Flat Butt

You have probably heard of a padded bra, right? Well, Mina Au says that there is now a similar garment you can wear that will make your butt look bigger called “Barbie Butt” underwear. She says they are not noticeable and come seamless so no one will ever know you are faking a fuller butt.

Dr Oz: Exercise for Firmer Butt

Fix a Flat Butt

The easiest way to make your butt look bigger is to wear jeans that have big pockets and include colorful stitching or embellishments.



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    I would like to know exactly where can I buy the Barbie Butt Underwear, please name the stores I can use a little enhancement. The pair I saw on Dr. Oz seem to be really good, I bought a pair some years ago and the pads kept moving around–so I threw them out.

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