Dr Oz: Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful Review, Instant Eye & Brow Lift


Dr Oz: Bobbi Brown Beauty Advice

Dr. Oz has filled today’s show with important advice about reversing memory loss, preventing Alzheimer’s, and meditating to help you live longer. His first guest, Deepak Chopra offered techniques to grow new brain cells along with foods you can eat that will improve your brain’s function. Following Deepak Chopra was the man who Dr. Oz credits with him becoming the man, doctor, and parent that he is today, his father-in-law and fellow surgeon, Dr. Gerald Lemole, Dr. Lemole shared his best advice for having balance in your life as well as the best ways fight cancer and heart disease.

Dr Oz: Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful Review

Dr. Oz says that Bobbi Brown is arguably the best make-up artist on the planet, as well as the author of the new book Pretty Powerful, and she here today to offer her best beauty advice for you to look and feel half your age. Bobbi Brown says her mother is who she gets all of her talent from where make-up and beauty are concerned. She says she watched as a young girl as her mother would put on make-up, making her the most glamorous person in Bobbi’s eyes.

Dr Oz: Bobbi Brown’s Instant Eye Lift

Bobbi Brown says the number one complaint she gets from women is that they look and feel tired, so she says the key is to add definition to your face. She recommends brown or black eyeliner because they will help to make your eyes look bigger. Another tip Bobbi offers is to use a very black or brown mascara and put on two coats, but more importantly she adds, is as they dry use your finger to push up on your lashes because it will open them up and make your eyes look even bigger. Bobbi Brown adds that it is worth the extra effort to use eyeliner over the tops of your eyes instead of underneath because underneath drags them down more, causing you to look more tired.

Bobbi Brown’s Instant Brow Lift

Dr Oz: Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful Review, Instant Eye & Brow Lift

Bobbi Brown says that you can give yourself and instant eye lift by applying eyeliner to the top of your eye along with mascara to make your eyes look bigger.

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