Dr Oz: Braless Body Suit & Miracle Shapewear to Look Thinner


Dr Oz: Miracle Shapewear to Make You Look Thinner

Are you sick and tired of sucking and tucking it in? Well you could try Dr Oz’s Fat Belly Burners or Green Coffee Bean Extract to burn fat all over or several other Fat Busters.  But what if you want instant results?  On today’s show, Doctor Oz was joined by Fashion Expert, Stacy Cox, to show you how to look like a size 6 even when you’re a 16. Stacy gave you the simple secrets to cheat your size.


  1. Toni D says

    I have been researching which shaper was used for a size 16 to look a size 6. Could someone send a reference? Thank you!

  2. Ella L Watford says

    Please advise where the body shapers shown on Dr. Oz show July 31, 2012 can be found.

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