Dr Oz: Brazilian Peel, Talika Lipocils Eyelash Gel | Under $20 Drugstore


Dr Oz: Drugstore Secrets to Cheat Your Age for Under $20

Who doesn’t want to look younger? On today’s show, Dr Oz got together a team of the country’s top plastic surgeons and challenged them to find drugstore beauty solutions to cheat your age. Dr. Stuart Linder, Dr. Anthony Youn, and Dr. Shirley Madhere accepted the challenge and found the best drugstore products to help you look 10 years younger for under 20 bucks! From New York to Los Angeles, these plastic surgeons scoured the drugstores to bring you the best products.

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Dr. Linder, who specializes in facelifts, told Dr Oz that most of his patients complained about the loss of elasticity and sagging skin. His patients also want to find ways to reduce the appearance of age spots. Most of his patients received either a full facelift, neck lift, or a chemical peel; however, that can be expensive.


  1. Robin says

    The doctor said it was only $10.00!! Good luck finding Talika for that, I have been searching for over an hour, it’s way more expensive. I think Dr. Oz’s staff needs to do a better job of making sure these people get their facts straight. Also, can’t find some of these things in drug stores at all, so you would have to add shipping and handling on top of the price. So, as usual, the average woman like myself can’t afford to do things that make you look better. Quit telling us these are so cheap when they aren’t at all!

  2. Dee says

    TALIKA LIPOCILS EYELASH GEL not even close with the $10.00 price quoted on Dr.Oz. The entire segment was for beauty products under $20.00 and this one is over $40.00. Not even sure if it was worth it at $10.00 but was willing to give it a try at that price.
    At least the other doctors on the show were within the range of prices but this was way off the mark.

  3. Autumn says

    I looked up several other products mentioned for under $20 and NONE of them were that price. Yes, very disappointed !!

  4. Susan says

    I was excited to see some inexpensive products that would help my aging skin. Unfortunately, the only product found was Sudden Change Under-Eye Firming Serum at Walgreens for $12.50. Please let us know where we can purchase the remaining products at the costs quoted on the Dr. Oz Show.

  5. Drizzly says

    I feel the same way. I LOVE DR.OZ, but he gets your hopes up that youcan afford something to make you look or feel better, and then ..nope! I also want to know where he prices his supplements. He will say this is only 7 dollars a bottle and I got looking and it is more like 20 -25…frustrated

  6. Drizzly says

    I just saw the brazilian peel stuff on amazon for 78.00 for a box of four. yes that would make on treatment around 20.00, but I do not have 78.00 to hand out right now.

  7. Tami says

    Hey, hey, hey…i bought the products online during the airing of the show and found everything around $11 except for the Eyelash gel ($35) and the Brazilian Peel ($35). Probably hundreds of thousands of viewers like us all looking for the same items at the same time! Be realistic folks…

  8. Robin says

    Tami…..when the segment is on products for under $20 dollars at “your” drugstore, we are being realistic in expecting to find the same…..no scolding please

  9. Sally M says

    Dr. Madhere stated ‘Talika Lipocils Eyelash Conditioning Gel 4.2 ounces’ that helps to plump up the eyelashes was avialable for $10. Where??? Even your link above shows $40!!

    Please help!

    Love your show,

  10. TAMMY says

    Now who here really thinks anyone reads this from the Oz show? You see complaints starting back in Feb and still no answer for the, pretty much, LIES, on pricing.. This makes me question wheather or not I should waste my time watching his show anymore.. Seriouly Dr. Oz or staff members, you have probably upset MANY viewers and I would think that you would respond here or even better, do a follow up on your show and explain why the show allowed Talika and the Brazilian Peel to be part of a segment of 20.00 or under beauty show. We could forgive if maybe these were actually online only if the price point was correct, but really, not near price point and not in drug store… COME ONNNNNN.. Explain please…

  11. jennifer says

    If you click on these products you can get them for the price stated. Amazon and Google.

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