Dr Oz: Brown Sugar Scrub Limp Hair Remedy & Hair Color Remedies


Dr Oz: Hair Remedies

Are you tired of dry, brittle hair? On today’s show, Dr Oz was joined by Celebrity Stylist, Rodney Cutler, to show you which all-natural protects will give you the healthy hair you so desire. Plus, find out which products in your kitchen will help revitalize your hair color and read more about Dr Oz’s Dry Skin Remedies.  I love all of these Natural Home Remedies!


  1. says

    re: your receipe for fading hair color 2 weeks after it has been colored tells to use cammomile …but what..tea? and what do you do with it? Help!

  2. Brandy l says

    Go to mother earth news and search for natural hair dyes. I couldn’t find it on dr oz either. Also look into ehow.com.

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