Dr Oz: Brown Sugar Scrub Limp Hair Remedy & Hair Color Remedies

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Dr Oz: Brown Sugar Scrub Limp Hair Remedy & Hair Color Remedies

By on May 3, 2012

Dr Oz: Hair Remedies

Are you tired of dry, brittle hair? On today’s show, Dr Oz was joined by Celebrity Stylist, Rodney Cutler, to show you which all-natural protects will give you the healthy hair you so desire. Plus, find out which products in your kitchen will help revitalize your hair color and read more about Dr Oz’s Dry Skin Remedies.  I love all of these Natural Home Remedies!

Dr Oz: Brown Sugar Scrub Healthy Hair Remedy

Dr Oz gave great Hair Remedies including a Brown Sugar Scrub for limp hair.

Celebrity Stylist, Rodney Cutler says you don’t have to spend tons of money at the salon to keep your hair looking good. With a few products at home, you can have healthy, vibrantly colored hair without spending a dime.

Dr Oz: Brown Sugar Scrub for Limp Hair

Wendy, an audience member, said that the older she gets, the limper her hair becomes. The more products she uses to fluff it up, the limper it gets.

Rodney said the cause of limp hair is using too many products. These products weigh down the hair and make it limp. Using shampoos containing wax or silicone every day causes build up and makes the hair limp.

Dr Oz used a skin sculptor to check Wendy’s scalp and yup, she had dry crusty areas that showed heavy product usage. Dr Oz says limp hair may even become a medical issue. If left untreated, it can cause clogged pours and may result in infections and hair loss.

Remedy: Use a brown sugar scrub. Combine 4 Tbsp of brown sugar and 2 Tbsp of avocado oil. Rub the mixture into the hair in circular motion with your fingers. This will help stop buildup and moisturizes the hair at the same time.

Dr Oz: Hair Dye Color Spray Remedy

Lauren, an audience member, said she colored her hair once every 2 weeks because it faded quickly. Rodney said faded color is caused by bad shampoos.

Remedy- chamomile for blonds, espresso for brunettes and beet juice for redheads
As soon as your hair color starts to fade, use the ingredient for your hair color. To use, shampoo hair first. Spray ingredient (according to color) on damp hair. Apply it evenly all the way through. Let sit for 15-20 minutes. Rinse and apply conditioner.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Brown Sugar Scrub Limp Hair Remedy & Hair Color Remedies

  1. jeeva chapman says:

    what about a recipe for black hair ?

  2. re: your receipe for fading hair color 2 weeks after it has been colored tells to use cammomile …but what..tea? and what do you do with it? Help!

  3. 3rd try…what do you do with the cammomile for fading hair color?


  4. Brandy l says:

    Go to mother earth news and search for natural hair dyes. I couldn’t find it on dr oz either. Also look into ehow.com.

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