Dr Oz: Bunion Risk Factors & Bunion Toe Strengthening Exercise


Dr Oz: When to Have Bunion Surgery

Dr. Oz says more than half of the people in the United States will experience bunions at least one time in their life, but is surgery the best solution? Dr. Oz talked to People’s Court Judge Marilyn Milian about her personal experience and if she would consider bunion surgery again the future.

Dr Oz: Judge Marilyn Milian’s Bunion Surgery

Judge Marilyn Milian says her recovery since having surgery to remove a bunion has been extremely painful and long, but she is feeling much better as she sits on Dr. Oz’s stage with a boot cast on her foot. Judge Milian highly recommends having people around you who love and care about you before you consider bunion surgery because you will need them through the excruciating recovery process, which lasts for eight weeks. She also says that vanity is not a legitimate reason to have a bunion removed, because she feels it should only be done if you are in a lot of pain since the recovery is so long and agonizing.

Dr Oz: Bunion Risk Factors

Dr Oz: Bunion Risk Factors & Bunion Toe Strengthening Exercise

Dr Crystal Holmes recommends wearing high heel shoes with a wider toe box that is raised a little in order to prevent bunions.

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