Dr Oz: Cellulite Scrub Recipe & Aminophylline Cream

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Dr Oz: Cellulite Scrub Recipe & Aminophylline Cream

By on February 16, 2012

Dr Oz: Cellulite Remedies

On today’s show, Dr Oz talked about cellulite. (I know, a topic all women love.) The good news is, Doctor Oz talked about how to get rid of those dimples, peaks, and valleys on the back of your legs with temporary miracles that have proven results and do not require any surgery.  If this interests you, definitely checkout Dr Oz’s Cellulite Scrub Recipe below, but you might also want to read the following Cellulite Remedies: Dr Oz Cellulite Coffee Sugar Scrub and Cellulite Herbal Wrap.

Jackie, an audience member, told Doctor Oz that she hated her cellulite and that it was “not cute!”

Dr Oz Cellulite Scrub Recipe

Dr Oz gave a Cellulite Scrub Recipe that you can make at home.

Then she did the bravest thing in the world that you couldn’t pay a majority of women to do. Jackie allowed Doctor Oz to show her cellulite on television. Dr Oz reassured Jackie that the cellulite wasn’t her fault. (Blame her mother!) Regardless of size, you can still have cellulite. (HA! Hear that, skinny chicks?)

When you’re young, the skin is elastic as cells of fat (golf balls) accumulate over time. As you age, the skin is less elastic and fat cells may become larger (grapefruits). This is when you get bigger mounds of tissue that look like peaks and valleys on the back of the leg. As your skin becomes less elastic with age, you get that appearance of cottage cheese. (Say it with me girls, reason #437 to hate getting older!)

Dr Oz: Aminophylline Cream

Doctor Oz says to look for Aminophylline Cream with a 2% concentration. Aminophylline Cream contains a chemical compound found in asthma drugs that converts fat to heat. To see the best results, use every day to smooth out the dimpled area. This product does not get rid of cellulite, but will reduce the appearance.

Dr Oz: Cellulite Scrub Recipe

– ½ C sea salt
– Cinnamon
– Cayenne pepper
– Sesame oil

Mix the ingredients together and rub onto the dimpled area to exfoliate the skin. The scrub helps to cover up the cellulite bumps you don’t like. The sesame oil locks in moisture for a sleeker appearance. This does not get rid of the cellulite, only reduces the appearance.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Cellulite Scrub Recipe & Aminophylline Cream

  1. On the 2/26/14 program of Dr. Oz (9)00am VA time, He gave a recipe for cellulite folliate.

    I copied his receipe as such:

    1/4 C Olive Oil
    3 Tablespoons Seaweed Powder
    1/2 Sea Salt
    1 drop Ossential oil (lemon or orange.

    Mix in Mason Jar

    My question is how much is 1/2 Sea Salt. Is it 1/2 Cup?

    This seems like a great receipe! Thank you and please clarify how much sea salt is used.

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