Dr Oz: Chia Seed Face Scrub Recipe & How To Buy Spring Moisturizer


Dr Oz: Homemade Face Scrub

Dr. Oz and Dr. Debra Jaliman shared advice to repair your skin after the winter months. They included tips to exfoliate and moisturize so you can having healthy, glowing skin for spring!

Dr Oz: How To Care For Your Skin In the Spring

Dr. Debra Jaliman says going from winter to spring takes quite a toll on the skin because of the transition from cold to warm and back to cold air and the constant change in the weather. Dr. Jaliman says a big mistake people make is not changing their skincare regimen with the change of season. She explained the problem in the winter is that we apply too much moisturizer, but since there is often a dead layer of skin that sits at the surface the moisturizer is not able to penetrate through to where it needs to. Dr. Oz says this is why you need to exfoliate and get rid of the dead skin cells. It renews the skin and allows for moisturizer to nourish it the way it is supposed to, which leaves you with skin that looks and feels healthy.

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Homemade Chia Seed Face Scrub

Dr Debra Jaliman shared a recipe for a homemade face scrub that will exfoliate and nourish your skin with coconut oil and chia seeds!


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