Dr Oz: Chlorine Green Hair Home Remedy & Jellyfish Sting Treatment


Dr Oz: Does Urine Stop the Pain of a Jellyfish Sting?

Today’s Dr. Oz Show is dedicated to Your Most Embarrassing Questions: Summertime Edition and nothing is too awkward for Dr. Oz to answer. He has already revealed whether it is okay to pee in a swimming pool and how to prevent a heat rash, but he is not finished yet. What is the best jellyfish sting treatment?

Dr Oz: What Causes Your Hair to Turn Green in the Pool?

The next embarrassing summertime question came from a woman with blonde hair who says her hair turns green every year and she would like to know what she can do fix it without having to cut it all off. Dr. Oz explained that surprisingly it is not the chlorine in a pool that causes a person’s hair to turn green, but instead it is actually copper that causes this to happen. The copper gets into your hair follicles, which are often opened up due to a lot of swimming, and begins to oxidize and cause that embarrassing green color.

Dr Oz: Home Remedy to Remove Green Chlorine From Your Hair

Dr. Oz shared a simple home remedy to get the green color out of your hair and the answer is probably sitting in your kitchen pantry right now.

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