Dr Oz: Coconut Oil Beard Treatment & Beard Growing Health Benefits

By on September 16, 2013

Dr Oz: Does Growing a Beard Prevent Asthma?

Dr. Oz is having fun chatting with America’s favorite hunting family, the Robertson’s of Duck Dynasty. They talked about how they stay happy and healthy as a family and even took Dr. Oz’s “Real or Quack” quiz to see if they know the health benefits of honey and pickle juice. The results might surprise you!

Dr Oz: The Robertson Men of Duck Dynasty & Their Beards

Dr. Oz says one of the most recognizable things about the Robertson men of Duck Dynasty is their signature beards, but would you know who they were if you saw them without all that hair on their face? Dr. Oz shared some old photos of the men when they were clean shaven to give his audience an idea of what they used to look like and for the most part it was pretty easy to tell them apart. While most of the wives like the beards on their husbands, Jase’s wife Missy says she prefers him without facial hair, which is how he looked when they first met. The challenge to having such long, full beards is that “things” often get stuck in them, like food and even bugs, but for the most part the Robertson men take really good care of their locks.

Dr Oz:Which Duck Dynasty Man Has the Longest Beard?

Coconut Oil Beard Treatment

Dr Oz says applying coconut oil to your beard is a great way to keep it soft and healthy.

Dr. Oz says there is actually a serious aspect to a beard and figuring out how long it is, so he asked Willie’s wife Korie to help him out to measure each of them.

Willie: 9 inches

Jep: Not worthy of mentioning, according to Korie

Jase: Only about 6 inches

Phil: 13 inches

Dr. Oz says hair growth actually starts in a man’s testicles because they send testosterone out into the body, including to the hair follicles, which means a man with a fuller beard has more testosterone receptors in his body.

Dr Oz: Coconut Oil Beard Treatment

Everyone agrees that there is more to a beard than just the length. It is also about how clean it is, how well it is groomed and how full it looks. Dr. Oz says it is also important to note that a beard should be shampooed just like the hair on your head and he shared a wonderful technique to help all of the men get a softer beard.

Apply coconut oil to nourish and soften the beard with the added bonus of smelling nice, too.

Dr Oz: Health Benefits of Growing a Beard

Dr. Oz says there are actually a few health benefits to growing a beard and he even likes to sport one during the summer months because of it.

  • Protects the face from sunburn.
  • Blocks out harmful UV rays.
  • Keeps the skin moist.
  • Soaks up pollen so it does not get in your lungs, which means men with beards do not get asthma as much.

Did you know Si Robertson, simply known as Uncle Si, wrote a book? It is called Si-Cology 101, Tales and Wisdom from Duck Dynasty’s Favorite Uncle, so grab a copy to get the inside scoop on life from America’s favorite Uncle!

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  1. why is it when the sun hits my chest or if im in a conversation I automatically get hot and my chest gets blochy? its so uncomfortable :(

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