Dr Oz: Coconut Oil Lip Remedy & Steven Tyler’s Vocal Cord Surgery


Dr Oz: How Many Decibels Does Steven Tyler’s Voice Reach?

Dr. Oz began an exciting hour by sitting down with Steven Tyler to talk about his addiction and what finally led him to check into the Betty Ford Center for treatment. Dr. Harry Haroutunian joined them to discuss his book, Being Sober, as well as Steven’s treatment and his promise to help others beat their own addiction.

Dr Oz: Steven Tyler’s Popped Vocal Cord

Not only did Steven Tyler nearly lose his entire band due to his addiction, but a health scare threatened the very thing that is key to his livelihood. Steven had a very serious throat condition when one of the blood vessels in his vocal cords popped. Fortunately, his doctor was able to protect his vocal cords by doing a simple, but delicate, laser surgery. To give everyone an idea of the strain Steven Tyler puts on his vocal cords, Dr. Oz revealed the number of decibels reached by Steven during a concert, as opposed to other everyday sounds.

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