Dr Oz: Coffee Bean Eye Cream, Shady Wipes & Blueberries Repair Serum

By on February 9, 2012

Dr Oz: Top 5 Anti-Aging Vitamins To Reduce Wrinkles

Denise, from the audience, stated that she really didn’t have a routine when it came to using anti-wrinkle products. She was busy so she needed something fast. She also wanted something that was not inexpensive. With the help of dermatologist, Anne Chapas, Dr Oz picked out the best vitamins for crow’s feet and puffy eyes. The best part is that these products are available at your local drug store. (Convenient, too, huh?)

Dr Oz: Avon Anew Advanced Retexturizing Peel Review

Breakthrough Product To Eliminate Wrinkles: Avon Anew Clinical Advanced Re-texturizing Peel.

Dr Oz Coffee Eye Cream

Dr Oz spoke about Coffee Eye Cream to remove crows feet.

This product helps to improve fine texture on the side of the cheek. To use, wipe onto the cheek and work your way out. For best results, use 2 X s per week. For sensitive skin, use once a week and work your way up. Purchase it online for $25 (but I actually found it at the following link for under $13: Avon Anew Clinical Advanced Retexturizing Peel!!!

Dr Oz: Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream Review

Breakthrough Product To Eliminate Crow’s Feet- 100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream- This product contains caffeine to wake up eyes and antioxidants to reverse sun damage. Purchase online for $19 (but again I found it cheaper at the following link: 100% Pure Cosmetics Coffee Bean Eye Cream).

Dr Oz: Shady Wipes Review

The sun is the #1 source of wrinkles and sunscreen is the #1 anti-aging element. Use Shady Wipes SPF 30. To use, wipe on the face and hands an hour before going out to protect the skin against cancer. This product is light and will not leave a residue. You can purchase it at the following link: Shady Day Daily Sun Protection Wipes.

Dr Oz: Yes To Blueberries Intensive Skin Repair Serum Review

Breakthrough Product To Undo Damage Throughout The Day-Yes to Blueberries Intensive Skin Repair Serum. Because it is a serum and light, you can use this product everywhere on the skin. It helps to moisturize wrinkles. With time, it will reverse damage. Purchase online for $19.99 (but I found it for under $16 here: Yes To Blueberries Intensive Skin Repair Serum).

Dr Oz’s Vitamin Tip for An Anti-Aging Cream: Purchase products containing Vitamin A. Vitamin A rejuvenates skin cells and increases collagen.

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