Dr Oz: Compliment Others to Change Negative Feelings About Yourself


Dr Oz: Describe Yourself Without Using the Word “Fat”

Dr. Oz and Dr. Ramani Durvasula discussed “fat talk” and how to make it stop once and for all! They talked to a woman named Nicki who admits she only thinks negative thoughts when she looks at her body and constantly compares it to celebrities.

Dr Oz: Men vs Women Fat Talk and Self-Esteem

Dr. Ramani Durvalsula says “fat talk” is when we automatically dismiss any compliment that is given to us because we see ourselves as old and fat, or a combination of the two. She says it is often done so automatically and in every setting of our lives that we do not even realize how much it happens or the damage we are really doing to ourselves. Dr. Durvasula explained that while fat talk is more common in women, men certainly do it too, and it needs to stop regardless of a person’s gender.

Dr Oz: Why Do We Call Ourselves “Fat”?

Dr Oz: Compliment Others to Change Negative Feelings About Yourself

Dr Ramani Durvasula says to make an effort to compliment other people every day because it will help change your inner negative dialogue.


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