Dr Oz: Delfin Spa Bio Ceramic Leggings & Gotu Kola Fight Cellulite

By on April 17, 2012

Dr Oz: Cellulite Solutions

The #1 body complaint is cellulite. Most of us have it, but the good news is, Doctor Oz says there are ways to reduce the appearance. (Thank goodness!) Dr Oz is joined by Lifestyle Editor of Shape Magazine, Bahar Takhtehchian, to show you easy cellulite solutions for all times of the day and night. Bahar says that there are many contributing factors to cellulite that include hormones as well as weight.

Dr Oz Cellulite Remedies

Dr Oz spoke about Cellulite Remedies like Delfin Spa Bio Ceramic Leggings, Gotu Kola Supplement and Horse Chestnut Extract.

Dr Oz: Flaxseed Cellulite Smoothie Recipe

To help fight cellulite in the beginning of the day, eat flaxseed. Add 2 Tbsp of flaxseed to yogurt or put it in your smoothie. Flaxseed promotes collagen growth that helps fight the appearance of cellulite.

Dr Oz: Delfin Spa Bio Ceramic Leggings Review

Fight cellulite in the afternoon with anti-cellulite clothing. (Yes, you read that correctly!) Put on some Delfin Spa Bio Ceramic Leggings in the middle of the day before running errands. You can also wear them at gym. The more you move, the more heat you generate. These leggings will help reduces that dreaded cellulite appearance.

Dr Oz: Gotu Kola Supplement Fights Cellulite

Looking for a way to fight cellulite in the evenings? Take Gotu Kola Supplement right before bed. It can reduce some of the appearance of the cellulite by improving elasticity of the skin.

Dr Oz: Horse Chestnut Extract Cellulite Remedy

For a late night cellulite remedy, put horse chestnut extract all over your body at night. (You’ll actually be able to fight cellulite as you sleep!) This will reduce the size and the number of pores and capillaries.

How To Cut 100 Calories From Your Meals

Doctor Oz also gave you 3 easy ways to help cut hundreds of calories from your meal that included;

Salad Dressings- get your salad dressing on the side and then pre-dip your fork into it. Then, grab your lettuce and eat. The salad dressing will touch your taste buds without over indulging.

Desserts- Know how to serve your desserts. Serve up your dessert in a shot glass. This keeps the serving small and you can save up to 80% of calories. Serving in a shot glass also forces you to eat slower. (This never worked for whisky in a shot glass!) When done, drink a big glass of water.

Fruit Juice- Mix 6 oz of fruit juice with 6 oz of sparkling water. You get the same punch but with half the calories. Also, this makes your juice last a little longer.

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