Dr Oz: Do Lips Thin As You Age & Does Moisturizing Prevent Wrinkles?


Dr Oz: Anti-Aging Myths

Dr Oz spent the first half of this episode exposing the myth about Melatonin. Now he’s looking at some other myths we believe are true. Find out whether you can fight wrinkles using moisturizer. Plus, get Dr Oz’s Thinning Lips sunscreen remedy.

Dr Oz viewers around the country sent in some of the best beauty advice they’ve heard to find out if it’s true or not.

Does Tapping Your Neck Prevent Turkey Waddle?

  • Can tapping your neck prevent a turkey waddle? This is a myth. Your muscles naturally lose tone with age.

Do Egg White Facials Make Your Skin More Firm?

  • Will an egg white facial firm your skin? This is also false, because the effect on your pores is temporary.

Does Sleeping On Your Back Prevent Wrinkles?

  • Does sleeping on your back, instead of on your side or stomach, prevent wrinkles? This is actually true, because sleeping on your side will leave wrinkles on your chin and cheek. (Side sleepers: do you sleep on the same side, or do you alternate?)

Dr Oz: Do Moisturizers Prevent Wrinkles?

Thinning Lips Sunscreen Remedy & Does Moisturizing Prevent Wrinkles?

Dr Oz tackled beauty myths. Does Moisturizing Prevent Wrinkles? Do Lips Thin As You Age? Plus, get Dr Oz’s Thinning Lips sunscreen remedy.

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