Dr Oz: Power Facial Cleansers Review for Vitamin C Absorption

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Dr Oz: Power Facial Cleansers Review for Vitamin C Absorption

By on November 1, 2012

Dr Oz: Drop a Decade

Dr. Oz has been talking about How you can Drop a Decade with Secrets to Cheat your Age and so far the secrets have been amazing. Dr. Shirley Madhere and Dr. Leif Rogers have explained the benefits of Vitamin C and PhytoCeramides and how using them together can be phenomenal in turning back the clock by 10 years, giving you younger plumper skin. They are both easy to find and inexpensive, especially when you consider the cost of going to a surgeon for a facelift. Next, they talked about the added benefits of power facial cleansers.

Dr Oz: Power Facial Cleansers Review

Doctor Oz and the Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Madhere and Dr. Rogers, are turning the topic toward facial cleansers, more specifically, power facial cleansers. Dr. Leif Rogers calls them the electric toothbrush for you face and in less time than it takes to brush to your teeth, it can your skin a nice deep clean along with exfoliation. Dr. Shirley Madhere says she loves the power facial cleansers and uses on her own skin because they the step of facial cleansing one step further.

Dr Oz: Mechanical Exfoliation Enhances Vitamin C Benefits

Dr Oz: Power Facial Cleansers Review for Vitamin C Absorption

Dr. Leif Rogers calls Power Facial Cleansers ‘Electric Toothbrushes for your Face’ that offer great benefits, including better Vitamin C absorption.

Dr. Madhere likes to consider facial cleansing devices a form of mechanical exfoliating. Basically that means that the deep clean they provide removes the top layer of dead skin that looks dull and sallow, without being too raw, but instead being very gently in the process. Using a power facial cleanser in combination with topical products, like Vitamin C, will allow that Vitamin C to be more deeply absorbed into the skin, according to Dr. Madhere.

Dr Oz: How To Use Power Facial Cleansers

There a few basic steps to take when using a power facial cleanser on your face.

  • First you have to wash your face and make sure your skin is wet.
  • Turn on the device, which will cause the head of it to rotate.
  • Apply gentle pressure on your face, using circular motions, spending 20 seconds each on your forehead, nose, and chin, and then finishing with 10 seconds on each cheek.
  • Depending on your comfort level and skin sensitivity, it is best to start out using a power facial cleanser about 1-2 times a week, building up to about 3-4 times when you feel more comfortable and your skin has adjusted.

Dr Oz: Power Facial Cleansers Dry Skin Irritation?

While using power cleansers is generally good for most people, there are some things to keep in mind when you consider buying and using one for yourself.

  • Overuse can irritate your skin by stripping away the oil from your skin.
  • Not ideal for people with very dry skin
  • People with very sensitive skin should be careful and use the device no more than every other day.

Dr Oz: Drugstore Power Facial Cleansers Review

With many brands of power facial devices on the market, it might be challenging to figure out which one is right for you. They range greatly in price and can found in drugstores and department stores, so choosing one can be a daunting task.

Drugstore brands – Cost will be less than $20, with the pads or bristles rotating anywhere between 4-5 times per second.

High End Brands – The bristles will rotate around 300 times per second, which makes it less harsh to your skin than one that rotates a lower number of times per second.

Dr. Shirley Madhere says it might be worth spending the extra money on a more expensive device if you would to have better results that are less harsh to your skin.

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  1. jackie vario says:

    What brand hi end power cleanser do you recommend?

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