Dr Oz: Dry Brush Exfoliating, Caffeine & Retinol Cellulite Creams


Dr Oz: Biggest Cellulite Myths

Dr Oz helped to bust some of the biggest Cellulite myths that we keep believing. If you think you are stuck with it or you understand the cause, you might learn something new. He recommended a Dry Brush and Caffeine or Retinol Cream.

The dimpled skin of Cellulite is something women have been battling for many years. There are a lot of wild remedies out there, but do any of them actually work? Dr Oz wanted to clear away the confusion by revealing the truth about what works.

Dr Oz: Skinny Women Have Cellulite Too

Dr Oz: Dry Brush Exfoliating, Caffeine & Retinol Cellulite Creams

Dr Oz shared his best ideas to help you banish Cellulite, including high water content foods, an exfoliating Dry Brush, and creams with retinol or caffeine.


  1. Bonny Christine says

    I watched the show today regarding the myths about cellulite treatments. And, while I was surprised just like many about remedies to treat the appearance of it, I’m stumped. I’ve been shopping online for the suggested remedies, however, very few give the concentration of retinol. So, now I have halted my research on .4% retinol cream until I get a reply on this concern. Is there an inexpensive brand that is recommended, or a direction that can be suggested?

  2. Donna Herzig says

    I am so frustrated with the Dr. Oz show and website. If they find a product that works, PLEASE give us specific brand names! I watched the show on cellulite (04/24/14). I taped the show and was able to freeze-frame the 2 cellulite produts. Did a search on the internet and was UNABLE to find either product. Why not help your viewers out? The website is useless. I would love to have Dr. Oz actually try to use his own website and see his level of frustration. I was considering ordering his magazine, but I have a feeling it will be more of thr same — general information but no specifics. If a specific brand name products work, list them!

  3. Beverly says

    I totally agree with everything Bonny Christine said. I cannot find the products and this IS NOT the first time I have taped his show, and tried to find the products he suggests. Either he needs to let his views KNOW where to get the products and WHAT to buy or stop telling us products work that we cant find or get.

  4. brittany says

    while watching the Dr. Oz show about the retinol cream he said it does NOT have to be a specific brand name just as long as it has .4% retinol

  5. says

    Yes I agree with all the above complants I’ve followed Dr Oz also and he never gives any brand names etc. Searched the internet no creams found or where to purchase. Dr Oz please help with this century old problem with the cellulite. Where to purchase?

  6. says

    I have found the cream on Amazon for like $3.95 and it on the this website just click the 0.04 retinol cream and it there. and the bruch you fined in your store.

  7. Honesty says

    Dr oz is not a brand promotor so get your lazy self together and do the research. The products are listed with generic labels for this purpose. If you call your local nutrition store – you can find it.. All you have to do is ask!! If your taking the easy internet search route, well that’s probably why you have more than a cellulite problem!

  8. Alexi says

    Dr. Oz merely talked about the ingredients we should be looking for in the products. You know he never recommends a specific product. I searched on Amazon for “cellulite cream with retinol and caffeine”. There are a few there but I picked the one by Kerabee. It was a nice 6oz bottle. I also bought a dry brush. I dry brush in the morning, shower, then use the cream. Then use the cream again before I go to bed. I try to get some sort of melon in everyday with water. I hate cucumbers so that’s a no go. So for the 3 weeks I’ve been using this, i can see a noticeable difference in the dimples I had on my butt and a fat pocket on the side of my thighs.

    Cream: Kerabee Anti-Cellulite
    Brush: Use one that fit in your hand the long handles you can’t control as much
    Food: Melons (sometimes in smoothie) and water .

  9. says

    There is a spa in Florida that also offers an anti-cellulite treatment using ultrasound cavitation. I did it and had great results! I work out 4-5 times a week and couldn’t get rid of it. After 6 treatments it’s completely smooth. I have 2 friends who are doing it now and are also getting great results. They’re name is Berry Natural Skin Care and Spa & I loved Jeannette!
    To maintain it I used I love the cellulite cream from IMAGE they gave me & I use it in combination with a drybrush.

    Website: berrynaturalskincareandspa.com

  10. Wendy says

    Re the 0.4% retinol cream .. There is nothing that i can find on amazon .. nor Internet searching (i searched for hours last night) … Some things say 100,000 iu which is only 0.1%.. Nothing including the item that somebody put a link to here states that it has a composition of 0.4% retinol… And when you read ingredient lists on those on amazon.. Its either not listed at all.. Or its way down on ingredient list. If someone can somehow find out where to buy.. What brand name has this composition please share it..
    I love dr oz but i wish he didnt make things so difficult to find.. He said its inexpensive but I dont think there is a product readily available with this magic number of retinol.

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