Dr Oz: Eyelash Adhesive Glues Eyes Shut? Olive Oil Lashes Growth Trick


Dr Oz: Eyelash Treatment Glues Eyes Shut

Dr Oz talked with viewers who have been caught red handed in embarrassing situations. He explained why pregnant women suddenly go to the bathroom. Next, he turned to a warning about false eyelashes, plus the natural Olive Oil lashes growth tip to try instead.

Lisa opened up about her own most embarrassing day. She had a high stakes speaking engagement, and she prepared for weeks in advance, planning her speech and her look. She even got a custom eyelash treatment that was recommended by friends.


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    I do admit that I have used fake lashes for 7 yrs and it’s hard to get away from the addictive Ness . But finally 7 yrs later I am actually trying the olive oil and I am seeing a bit of progress and it’s so much better on your eyes and a lot cheaper .

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