Dr Oz: Facial Acne Pads Review & How to Treat Eye Dandruff


Dr Oz: Facial Acne Pads Review

Where is the first place you turn when you need answers about health and beauty issues? For most of us the answer is probably Google, but Dr. Oz says you can stop searching because he has the do-it-yourself fixes for the beauty problems you Google to most!

Dr Oz: Best Way to Treat Rashes on the Rear

Would you believe the number one beauty blunder that is researched on the internet is “rashes on the rear”? Are you someone who has typed this very phrase in the search box on Google? Dr. Oz says this type of rash is no different than the type you get on other areas of the body, but you should not ignore it so he has a solution you can try right at home to get rid of that embarrassing redness.

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