Dr Oz: Fix Flat Hair with Layers & No Water Volumizing Spray Review


Dr Oz: Fix Flat Hair with Layers

Now that Dr. Oz has shared the best ways to correct your Flat Feet, he has help for another area or your body that might need a little lift. Continue reading to see the very best ways to add life back to your dull locks and fix flat hair.

Dr Oz: Fix Flat Hair with Volumizing Spray

Sally Hershberger, Celebrity Hairstylist, explains there are many factors that contribute to flat hair. Age, due to changes in hormones, and weather are both key reasons women begin to experience problems with their hair. Do not despair because Sally has a few tips and solutions to bring a little life back to your dull hair. She says first you need to look for lightweight products because they can weigh down your hair, leaving it flat and lifeless.


  1. Elaine says

    Yes, it would be great to have the name of a few no water volume sprays, as I have been EVERYWHERE and can’t find any for any price.

  2. Bren says

    Could we have the names of the products they had sitting out on the show. The camera never moved in enough to see the labels. Are they all Sally products? Thank you.

  3. alicia stewart says

    can i have some names of the no water volume spray cant find it would like to purchase some. thk u

  4. Fay says

    Ditto……can’t find it anywhere. Would be nice to have the name of the product…..who has the time to read the labels of all the products in the store ?!?

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