Dr Oz: Flaxseed Oil for Dry Skin & Summer vs Winter Moisturizers

By on May 3, 2012

Dr Oz: Radiant Skin Secrets

With summertime approaching, you want your skin to have a healthy glow, right? On today’s show, Dr Oz was joined by Dermatologist, Dr. Deborah Sarnoff, to reveal which skincare questions are myths and which are truths.

Dr Oz: Flaxseed Oil Dry Skin Remedy

Dr Oz spoke about the benefits of Flaxseed Oil for dry skin.

Dr. Deborah Sarnoff says there are millions of products out there so it’s only naturally to be confused at which products to choose. Dr. Sarnoff exposed the myths and truths of skincare.

Do You Need Different Skin Care Products in the Summer vs the Winter?

Myth 1
Use a different skin care routine for summer and winter months

Dr. Sarnoff says this is a definite myth. People think in winter, you need a big-time moisturizer. The truth is, in the summer, you have different obstacles like chlorinated water and sweating. When you sweat, you shower and over-showering takes away moisture.

Remedy: Take quicker showers and use fragrance free products. Right after the shower and while you’re still damp, put on your moisturizer to trap in the moisture. For shaving, use alcohol free products so it won’t dry the skin. Also, go for lightweight products.

Dr Oz: Flaxseed Oil Drink for Dry Skin

Myth 2
Drink water to cure dry skin (8 glasses per day)

Dr. Sarnoff says this is another myth and not sure where this came from. You need water for nutrients in the skin and the organs, but it doesn’t necessarily cure dry skin. Use products containing glycerin, urea and lactic acid for healthy skin. Dr Oz also suggested taking 2 Tbsp of flaxseed oil per day. Oranges and bananas are natural ways to lock in skin moisture.

Do Heavy Moisturizers Work Better Than Light Moisturizers?

Myth 3
Heavy moisturizers work better than lighter ones
This is another myth. (We’re 3 for 3 today!) Dr. Sarnoff says with technology we can make moisturizers lightweight and comfortable. Eucerine makes a moisturizer that contains the lactic acid, ceramides and glucose-glycerol needed for healthy skin. It can bring moisture from deeper layers in the skin up to the surface.

With the right product, Dr. Sarnoff says to moisturize 2 x per day. Be sure to apply moisturizer when you shower in the mornings (while skin is still damp) and in the evening before bed.

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