Dr Oz: Foam Sclerotherapy Review – Spider Vein Removal Without Surgery

By on February 5, 2013

Dr Oz: Spider Vein Removal Without Surgery

One of the most common complaints that Dr. Oz hears from women is that they hate their legs. Some complain about varicose veins while others do everything they can to hide their spider veins, so Dr. Oz went in search of the ugliest legs in America. Many women responded while pleading for help to improve the appearance of their legs, or “thunder thighs” in some cases.

Dr Oz: Foam Sclerotherapy Reduces Spider Veins

Dr. Ariel Ostad, a dermatologist, shared one of the best methods for reducing the appearance of spider veins. He told Dr. Oz that what makes this procedure so remarkable is that it can treat spider veins in a way that is pain free for the patient, when in the past they would have always required surgery. This is a procedure that can be done right in the doctor’s office with no recovery time like in the case of surgery. Dr. Ostad demonstrated Sclerotherapy on a Dr. Oz audience member who shared that she avoids wearing skirts or shorts because she is too embarrassed by her spider veins. It is basically done with a tiny needle injected directly into the vein of the leg and the foam is slowly released into the vein. It was truly incredible to see the instant difference in this woman’s leg as the foam was spreading into her vein and changing the color of them right before our eyes.

  • Cost is $350-$800
  • Up to 20 injections per treatment
  • 3-5 treatments

    Dr Oz: Foam Sclerotherapy Review - Spider Vein Removal Without Surgery

    Dr. Oz shared an amazing treatment for removing spider veins that does not require surgery, but offers immediate visible results!

Dr Oz: Tripollar Cellulite Treatment

Dr. Oz’s next audience volunteer shared that she has made several attempts to get rid of her unsightly cellulite, but nothing lasts for very long. Dr. Jame Heskett told Dr. Oz that she has been treating cellulite for many years, but she has never seen a procedure that was as affective and long-lasting as the Tripollar Apollo. She said it is the first time ever that we can specifically target the tissues that are responsible for cellulite. It is done using something similar to an ultrasound wand and could be explained as being like having a warm massage.

  • Cost is $350
  • 30 minute treatment
  • 6 treatments needed

Dr Oz: Non-Surgical Liposuction

Plastic surgeon Leonard Grossman told Dr. Oz that he has been performing plastic surgery for over 20 years and he considers the I-Lipo form of liposuction to be a truly revolutionary treatment for removing areas of unwanted fat without having to go through surgical liposuction.

  • $200 per treatment
  • 20-minute treatment
  • Twice per week for 4 weeks
  • Requires taking brisk walk for 20 minutes
  • Lasts long term

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