Dr Oz: Frizzy Hair Fixes, Dry Skin & Cold Tea Compress For Puffy Eyes


Dr Oz: Weather and Beauty

Dr Oz talked with meteorologist Ginger Zee about weather and health. But it’s not just allergy symptoms you may be worried about it. The weather can also affect your beauty routine. Try Dr Oz’s frizzy hair fixes and other tricks to stay beautiful during any season.

Dr Oz: Frizzy Hair Fixes

Dr Oz: Frizzy Hair Fixes, Dry Skin & Cold Tea Compress For Puffy Eyes

Dr Oz shared beauty solutions for weather-related problems. Try his frizzy hair fixes for fine or thick hair, and make a Cold Tea Compress for puffy eyes.


  1. Ais says

    During this episode, a spray that could provide your hair with moisture so it would not absorb any more causing it to get frizzy was featured. Do you know what this product was? I missed the name of it and cannot find it or the episode to see to it. Thanks

  2. says

    That was the water-based styling lotion product, but Dr Oz didn’t use product names because he doesn’t promote particular brands. Look for a styling lotion with water as one of the first ingredients.

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