Dr Oz: Hair Dye At Home Vs Salon + Henna Powder Natural Dye


Dr Oz: Home Hair Dye Vs Salon Dye

Could home hair dye be healthier than the salon? We’re all worried about the chemicals, which is why Dr Oz wanted to find out. Two sisters enjoy dying their hair, with Amy only ever dying her hair professionally at a salon. Her sister Hope dyes her own hair at home!

Curly Nikki Walton joined Dr Oz, explaining that more than 70% of women dye their hair, starting when they were around 17-years-old. Nikki explained that for the most part, home dyes and salon dyes use the same ingredients, with different brands using different formulas. Home dyes tend to be the “watered-down” version of the salon dye. Some chemicals in hair dye include ammonia, acetates, hydrogen peroxide, and PPDA, which is a common allergen.

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