Dr Oz: Home Remedy For Dark Eye Circles & Are Eye Creams Worth Cost?


Dr Oz: Anti-Aging Secrets the Beauty Industry Does Not Want You To Know

Dr. Oz brought in two experts to reveal secrets the beauty industry does not want you to know, beginning with the fact there is no such thing as a “face lift in a bottle.” Perry Romanowski, a cosmetic chemist, says the reality is these types of products are great moisturizers for the skin, but they are simply not able to penetrate the skin enough to have the effect they are promising.

Dr Oz: Retin-A Cream

Lora Condon, a cosmetics expert, says Retin-A was originally recommended as a treatment for acne, but has now become a superstar for anti-aging because of the amazing results it provides.

Dr Oz: What Does “Dermatologist Approved” Mean?

Perry Romanowski explained “Dermatologist Approved” simply means the product was approved by one dermatologist who was paid by the company to try it. It does not mean all dermatologists have approved the product.

Dr Oz: What Is a Puffery Claim?

The next myth Dr. Oz and his experts are busting is one related to the term “hypoallergenic” and the promise it will protect you from breakouts. Perry explained the term can basically be used however a company wants to use it because the FDA has not set a specific definition for “hypoallergenic,” which is known in the industry as a “puffery” term. A puffery term is basically something that sounds good, but does not really mean anything at all. Lora Condon says to avoid products who list fragrance, alcohol or lanolin in their ingredients because they could all cause a problem if you are prone to breakouts.

Dr Oz: Do Eye Creams Work?

The next secret Dr. Oz shared is that eye creams are just “glorified” moisturizers. While many of us believe eye creams will improve the appearance of our face in that area, Perry Romanowski says they are a waste of money. He says if you look closely at the labels of moisturizers and eye creams you will see little, if not no, difference at all. Instead he recommends buying creams that specifically contain vitamin A or retinyl palmitate to see the best results.

Dr Oz: Can Mascara Make Your Lashes Look Longer?

Lora Condon, a makeup artist, is very frustrated by the fact cosmetic companies are able to get away with using false eyelashes in mascara ads. She says mascara is never going to give you the look of having longer eyelashes. She recommends applying eyelash primer to make your lashes to make them look thicker before applying your regular mascara.

Dr Oz: Borage Oil Review

Lora Condon shared a few $5 anti-aging solutions that will help you wipe five years off your face and body.


  1. says

    this is so easy.. and works well. i use glycerin for my cuticles and the nails themsleves keeps so nice…

  2. Sarah Stafford says

    Love your show. Watch everyday. Natural remedies and women’s health are my favorite. But it’s all very good, and a long time overdue. Thank you dr. Oz for your honesty and devotion to others well being.

    Best regards,

    Sarah stafford

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