Dr Oz: Homemade Deodorant Recipe & Shark Tank Hosts on Dr Oz


Dr Oz: Shark Tank on Dr Oz

Are you familiar with the show Shark Tank? The “Sharks” are tough self-made millionaires and today they are joining Dr. Oz to choose the best viewer home remedies that everyone can use! Check out their ideas and see which one you would consider buying for yourself.

Dr Oz: Homemade Deodorant Recipe & Shark Tank Hosts on Dr Oz

Two investors from the show Shark Tank joined Dr Oz to choose their favorite viewer home remedy.

Dr Oz: Homemade Deodorant That Works

Shark Tank judge Daymond John says that he knows if a product pitch is a good one if it resonates with him as something that is needed while Lori Greiner says she knows something will be successful if it solves a problem, can be done at an affordable price, and is something that appeals to a wide audience.



  1. Alana says

    I agree with Tani, the deodorant is a soupy, blobby mess. I don’t see any way this can be applied. I’m going to try microwaving to emulsify and then refrigerate it.

  2. lynn says

    No BO recipe. Essential Oil covers a broad selection. What type did she use? Having an allergy to perfume, cologne and anything scented, I am always looking for natural products.

  3. Alana says

    She used peppermint. I can’t make this recipe emulsify into anything thicker than the lemon juice.

  4. DR says

    She used peppermint oil. Remember that you can have a sensitivity to “natural” products. You may want to test it first.

  5. In Québec. says

    I have tried the no BO receipe… Fantastic! I melted the coconut oil first. It rehardened a bit after, but I just had to mix it once again when it had cooled off and I now keep it in the fridge. Love it! Personnally, I use green lemon juice instead of lemon, and I used lemongrass essential oil as sent. Perfect. Thank you, been looking for something like that for years!

  6. vSweeten says

    Make sure if you are using coconut oil it is expellar pressed, It is sold in mason jars near the olive oil and is SOLID at room temperature. I think this may be why some of you have “soupy” results.

  7. Brittany says

    I used the expeller pressed refined coconut oil at room temperature and it’s still a liquid… I put it in the fridge in a canning jar to see if it will harden to a cream. Am I doing it right? I guess ill let you know if it works

  8. Sfaranth says

    This really works. I do have to mix it for qute but it does eventually whip up into a ice creamy texture. Once I get it whipped I put it in a disposable plastic cup with lid you use for food left overs. It has a slightly rounded base to the cup. Once I put it in the refrigerated it hardens again as it gets cold. Then I can pop it out of the cup in its solid form and I can use it like a bar of soap. the suface melts almost as fast as I apply it to my skin. In this way I can use it like a deorderant stick. When I’m done I can pop it back in the cup, close the lid, and put it back in the fridge to keep solid for the next use. I did try to go back to my regular deoderant one day when I had run out of my initial batch. I noticed the difference within the hour. I literally have almost no body order when I use this recipe. I love it.

  9. Tani says

    Ok after a couple of weeks of use my armpits are red and raw. Going to try making some without the lemon juice.

  10. Brittany says

    I whipped it up and it hardened but I still had lemon and vinegar in the bottom so it separated in the fridge. Not quite sure what to do….

    Sfaranth was your like this?

  11. TAZ says

    Mines still has the lemon and vinegar on the bottom. I have put it in the fridge. How can all of it mix together? Am I doing it right?

  12. Brit says

    I had to whisk it for quite a while before all of the liquids would mix in completely, it formed a body butter texture..

  13. JP says

    I made a batch in June 2014. The liquids separated. Multiple mixing efforts did not fix that and I don’t care. It works! And it lasts. Just kept it in a plastic jar in the bathroom and use a cosmetic brush to stir and apply. I have an active lifestyle outdoors and live in Texas so I sweat a lot. This recipe is not perfect, but it works as well as or better than commercial deodorants and antiperspirants. Made it a second time in August.

  14. TAZ says

    I have made it and it is great. Its just that if I shave my underarms, and even days after I put it on and it really burns and irritates them bad. 🙁 I know the lemon juice helps with the odor, and the baking soda, so how am I to lower both without it not being effective?

  15. Loreta says

    I tried the coconut oil no particular bought it at grocery store. Baking soda and corn starch, and few drops of tea tree oil. Stirred it up and I love it. No odor. I have had problems with body odor as I have large breasts and they hang down and sweat underneath. By the end of the day, I could not stand myself. I have used this recipe and I am odor free for 24 hours.

  16. says

    Could someone please give me the exact measurements. I lost it. I’ve done it once and it worked perfectly. Thanx in advance.


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