Dr Oz: How to Pop a Pimple & Tips to Avoid Scarring When You Get Acne

By on October 11, 2013

Dr Oz: Should You Pop a Pimple?

Dr. Oz found an Assistant of the Day to help him with the one thing that people like to ‘pop’ the most. What is it about pimples that makes people want to pop them so much? Even though it is more common for teenagers to get pimples, it can to happen to anyone at any age, but should you really pop them?

Dr Oz: How to Pop a Pimple

Dr Oz: How to Pop a Pimple & Tips to Avoid Scarring When You Get Acne

Dr Oz shared the best way to pop a pimple in order to prevent scarring and other damage to your skin.

Dr. Oz understands the urge so many of us feel when it comes to popping a zit, but if you do not do it the right way it can cause some issues. He explained the best way to pop a pimple and the most common mistakes that many people make when trying to get rid of one on their body. Pushing and squeezing too much around the edge of a pimple before popping it can lead to scarring, so follow these steps to avoid injuring yourself.

  1. Make sure the pimple is “ripe”, which means the whitehead should be above the skin. Then grab a needle and sterilize it with boiling water and alcohol.
  2. Aiming for the whitehead, not your skin, poke the pimple from one side pushing the needle out on the other side. Lift straight up to open the whitehead, which then allows you to gently remove the pus without causing any damage to the surrounding skin.
  3. Clean the area with a little Salicylic Acid and leave it alone.

Dr. Oz says the most important thing to remember is that you need to leave the pimple alone after you clean it, even though it might be really tempting to try to remove a little more pus.

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