Dr Oz: How Zinc Cuts a Cold in Half & Aquaphor Healing Ointment Review


Dr Oz: Does Zinc Really Work to Stop a Cold?

How do you treat a cold when it makes you or someone in your family sick? Have you ever been told that Zinc is the best way to treat and get rid of a cold fast? Dr. Oz reveals whether it really is the best option to knock out a cold or whether you should be trying something else. He asked an Assistant of the Day to help him explain the facts you need to know!

Dr Oz: How Zinc Cuts a Cold in Half

Dr. Oz says a new study shows that Zinc can be beneficial at fighting a cold, but is it really the best option? He explains that when a rhino virus gets into your body and starts to spread, it can wreak havoc while making you sick and causing you to cough and sneeze and feel just plain awful. The problem is that most over-the-counter medications do not treat the rhino virus. Instead, they get rid of the symptoms without actually touching the virus that is inside your body, which is why Zinc is so important. Dr. Oz says zinc literally forces the virus out of your body to help you feel better, but how much should you take to get the most benefit?

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