Dr Oz: Is Alpha Hydroxy Acid Safe? Alpha Hydroxy Acid Skin Benefits


Dr Oz: Alpha Hydroxy Acid Review

Dr. Oz asked everyone in his audience to make a circle around the worst wrinkle on their face. He then told them about the one product they should be using if they want to improve that one spot on their face and get rid of wrinkles once and for all. He says Alpha Hydroxy Acid is making a huge comeback in the beauty industry and we are now learning it can heal your skin from deep inside and all the way to the surface. Today he is helping you figure out which Alpha Hydroxy product is right for your skin type!

Dr Oz: Alpha Hydroxy Acid Skin Benefits

Dr Oz: Is Alpha Hydroxy Acid Safe? Alpha Hydroxy Acid Skin Benefits

Dr Jeannette Graf says Alpha Hydroxy Acid works “smartly” to exfoliate your skin, leaving it looking and feeling years younger.


  1. diane churchill says

    Can u please tell me what the best treatment for rocesea is ?? I’m going crazy. I’m 57 but never had bad skin at all. I have had the red cheeks for about 10 years that never bothered me. It has now been about 3 months my face has bumps and pustules I have been to the Derm but nothing is working, Can u please suggest what I can use and what makeup wont make it worse to use as cover up. I have never worn face makeup.
    Thank You so much.

  2. Resa says

    Azelaic acid 20% cream has finally got my skin under control. It is the active ingredient in Finacea. I order my online from Vitamin shop it is non prescription, called Melazepam. It is less than $15. Finacea is very expensive. My skin sounds like yours, not anymore since using this everyday. The only thing I don’t like about it is, that it leaves a few tiny crystal flakes on your skin. I usually take a cotton ball to swipe this off before putting on my BB cream. My face is so much clearer that I can go out without anything but sunscreen on my face. I have also use retin-a with success, but my face usually peels when I start using that. Good luck! I feel your pain!

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