Dr Oz: Jennifer Lopez Butt, Meditation, Drinking Water & ‘True Love’


Dr Oz & Jennifer Lopez

International superstar Jennifer Lopez was Dr Oz’s guest for a discussion about bodies, beauty, and love. Be sure to try her Berry Good Smoothie! She broke the mold and helped make curves cool. Dr Oz wondered whether all those years under scrutiny in the spotlight had taken their toll on the performer.

Lopez said that she has adjusted to her fame over time, and she tries to be gracious about it. Her focus is on health for her body, mind, and spirit. Just in case you thought she is truly perfect, she did say she has neck problems, as well as lower back pain thanks to her stylish heels.

Dr Oz: Jennifer Lopez Butt

Dr Oz: Jennifer Lopez Butt, Meditation, Drinking Water & 'True Love'

‘True Love’ author and international entertainment superstar Jennifer Lopez visited Dr Oz to share her health and beauty routine, from Meditation to water. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)


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