Dr Oz: Lasik Eye Surgery Risks & How is Lasik Surgery Performed?

By on October 3, 2013

Dr Oz: Lasik Eye Surgery Warning

Get ready for a controversial episode of the Dr. Oz Show! Today he is revealing the shocking results of an Undercover Lasik Eye Surgery Investigation and the information will leave you questioning why this elective procedure is so popular.

Dr Oz: Does Lasik Surgery Really Work?

Investigative reporter Elisabeth Leamy went undercover to investigate the truth about Lasik eye surgery. Despite the fact that many people experience unbearable pain, or even go blind, Elisabeth says 800,000 people choose to go through the procedure each year.

Dr Oz: Lasik Eye Surgery Risks & How is Lasik Surgery Performed?

Elisabeth Leamy revealed the results of her Lasik surgery undercover investigation, which include evidence that shows 1 in 5 people who get the procedure end up with worse vision than before.

She says many of the ads for Lasik surgery are blatantly misleading and even found FDA studies that reveal 1 in 5 of people who get Lasik surgery end up with worse vision than before the procedure. What might be the most revealing information is that Lasik is the one surgery that even eye doctors will not get for themselves because the risks are too high, so why is it still so popular?

Dr Oz: What Really Happens During Lasik Surgery?

Consumer expert Elisabeth Leamy told Dr. Oz she has been working her undercover investigation for two years because she was riveted to learn of a former FDA official who turned whistleblower regarding the dangers of Lasik eye surgery. Dr. Oz outlined what really happens during Lasik surgery to give you a better understanding of this controversial procedure.

  • First a flap is cut in the eyeball
  • A laser is then beamed into that flap, which can literally reshape the cornea. This part of the procedure changes the way a person sees, either really close up or further away.
  • The flap is then replaced and is just supposed to stay in place.

Elisabeth Leamy says the flap is a key part of Lasik surgery and where many of the problems can arise, like if the flap is cut too thick or too thin. Elisabeth says that even if a doctor cuts the flap perfectly, studies have shown they do not always heal perfectly, which can lead to the flap coming dislodged years later if you get poked in the eye or jump into a swimming pool.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Lasik Eye Surgery Risks & How is Lasik Surgery Performed?

  1. jordan fuller says:

    Shoddy research and “shock” journalism on the expose. Dr. Oz even has this on his own website about its safety. http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/benefits-lasik-surgery

    Sounds like a bit of playing it both ways by Dr. Oz.

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