Dr Oz: How to Look 10 Pounds Thinner & Eat Mustard to Ease Back Pain?


Dr Oz: Beauty Trick to Make Your Face Look 10 Years Younger

Have you ever felt fine one minute, but then all of sudden you were experiencing horrible back pain? Dr. Oz says it happens to a lot of us, so he has three ways to treat your sudden back pain immediately! Also, learn how to look 10 pounds thinner just like your favorite TV personality.

Dr Oz: Emu Oil Rub to Ease Back Pain

Physical Therapist Peggy Brill says sudden back pain is very common and since we all lead busy lives we cannot afford to have it slow us down, so she has solutions to treat your different kinds of back pain.


  1. Jacqueline myjakja says

    What is the name of website to purchase dresses that make u look 10 lb thinner some think like lukke? Please let me know thank you

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