Dr Oz: Low-Carb Shirataki Noodle Swap & Is Eyelash Tinting Legal?


Dr Oz: Low-Carb Lasagna with Zucchini Noodles

Eyelash extensions are the hottest beauty trend right now, but are they worth the health risks? Dr. Oz asked Elisabeth Leamy to conduct an undercover investigation into the safety of eyelash extensions, as well as eyelash tinting, and what she learned was alarming!

Dr Oz: Eyelash Extension Procedure Risks

The first thing that Elisabeth Leamy  uncovered was the number of salons that offer eyelash tinting services when they are actually illegal in the state of New York. When it comes to eyelash extensions, Elisabeth learned that glue is used to apply synthetic lashes one by one with a large pair of tweezers, which can be risky due to the potential of glue getting into the eye. She says another problem is that the salon could accidentally get glue on your skin, which can lead to an allergic reaction, but the worst outcome could be when hair follicles become damaged and cause your eyelashes to never grow back.

Dr Oz: Is Eyelash Tinting Legal?

Dr Oz: Shirataki Noodle Review & Is Eyelash Tinting Legal?

Dr Oz says that eyelash tinting is illegal in the state of New York as well as other states, but many women are risking their health to color their eyelashes.


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