Dr Oz: Minoxidil for Women & Drink Bitter Beer to Ease Back Pain


Dr Oz: Minoxidil Review

Have you ever panicked at the sight of your hair falling out? Dr. Oz says the areas where your hair falls out can actually reveal clues to the reason it is happening, so he asked a dermatologist to help explain why your hair falls out and what you can do to fix the problem. Plus, learn food alternatives to medication for easing common body aches and pains.

Dr Oz: Is Minoxidil Safe for Women?

Dr. Melissa Piliang says that while it might be difficult, she always tells women not to panic when they experience hair loss because it will only stress you out and make things worse. Dr. Piliang recommends staying calm as you try to figure out the cause of your hair loss as well as solutions to prevent it in the future.

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