Dr Oz: Mohs Skin Cancer Removal Procedure & Skin Cancer Symptoms


Dr Oz: What Does Skin Cancer Look Like?

Would it surprise you to know there are more cases of skin cancer every year than breast, prostate and colon cancer combined? This may be startling to hear, but Dr. Oz is revealing the most common skin cancer and the symptoms to look for if you see a change in your skin.

Dr Oz: Mohs Skin Cancer Removal Procedure

Dr. Justin Piasecki, a board-certified plastic surgeon, has created a cutting-edge technique that not only removes skin cancer from his patients, but also has the highest cure rate while offering reconstruction that is done in the same visit. Dr. Piasecki explained how his technique is also more localized, so he only cuts just enough of the patient’s skin to remove the cancer tumor, rather than a huge area which leaves a large wound to repair.

Dr Oz: How to Recognize Skin Cancer

Dr Oz: Mohs Skin Cancer Removal Procedure & Skin Cancer Symptoms

Dr Justin Piasecki shared the skin cancer symptoms you should never ignore. His checklist could literally save your life!


  1. Patty Fosko says

    Dr. Piasecki did not create this cutting edge procedure….Fred Mohs did!
    The MOHS College has names of MOHS fellowship trained physicians.
    Is Dr. Piasecki a MOHS fellowship trained physician?

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