Dr Oz: Mouthwash Heart Attack Risk & Remove Brown Spots From Hands


Dr Oz: Mouthwash Increases Risk for a Heart Attack?

Dr. Oz says there is something in your medicine cabinet right now that could be increasing your risk for heart disease without you even knowing it! He says new research even surprised him because it shows that Antiseptic Mouthwash could be putting your health at risk. Plus, learn how to get rid of sun spots and wrinkles in your hands.

Dr. Oz: How Often Should You Use Mouthwash?

Dr Oz: Mouthwash Heart Attack Risk & Remove Brown Spots From Hands

Dr Oz shared an exfoliating scrub that will remove brown aging spots from your hands and prevent further sun damage.


  1. Daisy says

    I made this scrub and it is very runny and oily. Not much of a scrub to it. I am adding much more sugar to see if that will help

  2. rosalee hopard says

    I made the hand scrub. I have leftover scrub. can I refrigerate it and if yes, how long can I keep it until it’s used up

  3. Diana Hovey says

    Should the licorice root extract, olive oil, lemon juice, sugar mixture for dark spots be stored in fridge? How long can it be kept? Does a new batch need to be made for each use? Is it just twice a month?

  4. Carter says

    How long will it take for the sun spots on your. Hands to disappear. Would it hurt to use it more than twice weekly.

  5. Beatrice Super says

    Can I use it on my face? My chest? After 2 weeks, if the dark spots are not gone, how often do I use this.mixture. again. How long do I leave it on? Do I refridgerate this mixture?

  6. says

    I would like to know if the Dr. marmur Lemon Sugar Licorice Sun Spot Scrub can be used on the face, if not, is there another concoction that can be used to get the same results? Thank you – j naylor

  7. Taylor says

    I put this on my face and I have sensitve skin, and it was just fine! Hoping to see some great results in two weeks! Fingers crossed! 😉

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