Dr Oz: Pine Bark Supplement Pycnogenol & 7 Years Younger Review

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Dr Oz: Pine Bark Supplement Pycnogenol & 7 Years Younger Review

By on December 31, 2012

Dr Oz: Pycnogenol Supplement Eliminates Wrinkles

Dr. Oz is sharing an amazing plan to help you Look 7 Years Younger. What you put on your skin and what you eat in your diet all have an effect on the appearance of your skin, but did you also know the position of your pillow in bed at nightcan also make a difference? See what other advice Dr. Oz and his expert guests have to share that can reduce wrinkles and leave you looking and feeling seven years younger, including a pine bark supplement.

Dr Oz: Pine Bark Supplement Wrinkle Eraser

Dr Oz: Pine Bark Supplement Pycnogenol & 7 Years Younger Review

A Pycnogenol Supplement will help add moisture to your skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

If there was a supplement that could make your skin look younger, would you take it? Rosemary Ellis, editor-in-chief at Good Housekeeping, says that supplement actually exists and the research has shown it to help make your skin look younger. Pycnogenol, which is made from Pine Bark extract, works to add moisture to the skin and help to plump it up because as we age our skin looses moisture and wrinkles begin to form.

Rosemary shared that by taking the supplement three times a day, you will begin to see noticeable benefits in about 12 weeks. Pina LoGiudice, a Naturopath, added that Pycnogenol sends a message to our cells to double the amount antioxidants and then works to smooth out wrinkles and hydrate the skin, leaving it tight and glowing.

Dr Oz: Pycnogenol Supplement Benefits

  • No Side Effects
  • Take 25 mg
  • Up to three times per day with food
  • Costs $12 at Health Food Stores

Pycnogenol Creams:

  • Look for Pycnogenol or Pine Bark on the label
  • Apply Morning and Night
  • Costs about $20 at beauty supply stores

Dr Oz: Good Housekeeping 7 Years Younger Review

You can find all of this advice and whole lot more in the book 7 Years Younger: The Revolutionary 7-Week Anti-Aging Plan. It was written by the editors of Good Housekeeping and is filled with advice to help you look younger and stay slimmer no matter what your age!

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