Dr Oz: Pineapple Bromelain Supplement & Tomato Paste Collagen Remedy

By on November 1, 2012

Dr Oz: Turn Back the Clock on Cellulite

So far Dr. Oz has shared Vitamin C and PhytoCeramides, as well as Power Facial Cleansers, as ways you can Drop 10 Years, but he’s not done just yet. He still has more to share as he shows you How you can Drop a Decade with Secrets to Cheat your Age. One of the things that many of us can relate to is having cellulite and wondering if there is a way to get rid of it. Doctor Oz promises there is a way to turn back the clock and he says the answer may surprise you. Get a pineapple bromelain supplement and other food-based cellulite fighters.

Dr Oz: Fight Cellulite with Food

Dr. Erin Gilbert, Dermatologist, says that Cellulite is the number challenge that patients come to her with and she has helped thousands turn back the hands of time and her method may surprise you. She says the secret to fighting cellulite cannot be found in your medicine cabinet, but instead, it is in your refrigerator. She says research has actually shown that food might be the answer, so rather than recommending expensive procedures to her patients, she often tells that they could benefit greatly from the food they put in their mouth.

Dr Oz: Pineapple Bromelain Supplement & Tomato Paste Collagen Remedy

Dr. Erin Gilbert says that eating Tomato Paste every day will fight the breakdown of collagen in your skin as well as provide essential lycopene.

Dr Oz: Food Fights Cellulite

Dr. Gilbert firmly believes that food plays a role in fighting cellulite and that is why she incorporates dietary recommendations to her patients. Doesn’t that sound a little too good to be true? Well, Dr. Oz says that Dr. Gilbert isn’t alone in her belief because in a recent survey of Dermatologists, 88% said they believe that food has a major impact on the appearance of your skin.

Dr Oz: Homemade Juice Increases Fat Cells

There are many things you may be putting into your body that contribute to visibly worse cellulite. Dr. Erin Gilbert says what worries her most are foods like those with a high salt content, as well as alcohol. Those types of foods will automatically decrease the glow and beauty of your skin. She also mentions that while juices, especially ones you can make at home, can be extremely healthy with a high level of sugar, which can lead to a spike in your insulin level causing an increase in the size of your fat cells.

Dr Oz: Food Water Content & Skin Turgor

While there are foods that contribute to unhealthy fat cells and cellulite, there are also foods that you could be eating to lessen their appearance, giving you healthier looking skin.

Dr. Gilbert says the key is to eat foods with high water content. She says water is important because it increases hydration and the reason hydration is important is because of something called turgor, which is a fancy word for skin thickness. Dr. Gilbert a good example is with the lettuce in your fridge. After it has been in the fridge too long it starts to get limp because it is losing its turgor, similar to what happens to our skin without hydration.

Dr Oz: Tomato Paste Protects Collagen

Eat 3-5 cups of greens (like lettuce) per day, says Dr. Gilbert. She also says it is ideal to eat them raw for to get the highest water content and the best nutritional value.

Tomato Paste – A recent study showed that tomato paste has the ability to inhibit the breakdown of collagen as well as reduce sun damage. Dr. Gilbert says you could eat fresh tomatoes, but you would have to consume 6 whole tomatoes to get the lycopene benefit found in very small amount of tomato paste. Dr. Gilbert says you should ideally eat about 2-5 tablespoons every day to see a benefit in your skin.

Dr Oz: Pineapple Bromelain Supplement

Pineapple – Pineapple contains a powerful enzyme called Bromelain, which has been found to prevent the breakdown of your collagen due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Another wonderful benefit is that is great at boosting fat cell metabolism, according to Dr. Gilbert, so in addition to getting the anti-inflammatory benefit, you will also be getting the benefit of fat being released from existing fat cells. She recommends eating about ½ cup of pineapple every day and explains that it is best eaten about 90 minutes after dinner because your insulin level is going to begin to rise a little bit and it will take care of the natural sugar found in the pineapple.

Bromelain Supplement – Bromelain is that powerful enzyme that offers the most benefit to break down collagen, but it is mostly found in the stem of the pineapple, which is something most of us don’t want to eat, so you can take a 500 mg supplement once a day to fight your cellulite.

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  1. Are you recommending taking Bromelaine once daily year round, or for a specified period of time? I have mild cellulite.

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