Dr Oz: Plastic Surgery Divorce Packages & What Is “Revenge Surgery?”


Dr Oz: Plastic Surgery Divorce Packages

Dr. Oz is disturbed by an alarming new trend in plastic surgery being marketed toward women during one of the most vulnerable times in their life. They may have recently divorced from their spouse or suffered a difficult breakup and plastic surgeons are offering them discount packages to improve their appearance and make them feel better about themselves.

Dr Oz: Discount Plastic Surgery Packages Offered To Divorced Women

Plastic surgeon Dr. Brent Moelleken offers discounts to newly divorced women because he believes their lives are often in shambles and the plastic surgeon’s job is not only to cut into their skin and fix their appearance, but also to help them get their lives back on track. Dr. Oz says critics would argue that women are being coerced into procedures they do not want, but Dr. Moelleken says that is simply not the case. He offers strictly elective plastic surgery and says he does not coerce patients because in the end they will not be happy with their procedure if they do something they really do not want to do. Dr. Moelleken is not the only plastic surgeon who offers discounts to newly divorced women, though, because Dr. Oz researched and found that 19% of plastic surgeons offer some type of discount package to women in that situation.


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