Dr Oz: Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong & Best Time To Get Plastic Surgery


Dr Oz: Reasons To Avoid Plastic Surgery

Dr. Oz sat down with two plastic surgeons to discuss the disturbing new practice of offering discounts to newly divorced women. Are they taking advantage of these women at their most vulnerable time? Find out what the plastic surgeons have to say along with what Dr. Oz thinks about this alarming new trend.

Dr Oz: Did You Regret Your Plastic Surgery?

Dr. Oz’s next guest, Gina, shared her personal experience with plastic surgery following a divorce and a 15-year marriage. She had three children so she felt plastic surgery would fix everything. Gina told Dr. Oz initially she just wanted a tummy tuck, but then her doctor recommended a small amount of liposuction to make her hips look a little better, too. She said for the extra $200, it was worth it if it meant she was going to look good again. Gina explained she had just lost some weight and she wanted the plastic surgery to fix her appearance so she could move on and feel comfortable dating new people. Unfortunately, she says it did not have the affect she had hoped it would and now regrets her decision to have plastic surgery.

Dr Oz: Are Women Satisfied With Plastic Surgery Results?

Did You Regret Your Plastic Surgery?

Dr. Brent Moelleken says 90% of women are pleased with the results after a tummy tuck, but Dr Oz talked with a woman who regrets hers.

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