Dr Oz: Pumpkin Seed Oil Health Benefits & Eucerin Aquaphor Review


Dr Oz: Eucerin Aquaphor Review

Dr. Oz is revealing his best-kept health secrets to help you restore your energy, improve your heart health and heal your skin. He shared a vegetable powder that will provide you with the benefit of 31 vegetables every single day! Now find out what new cooking oil has the heart surgeon excited and what skin treatment he says you should carry with you at all times!

Dr Oz: Pumpkin Seed Oil Health Benefits

Dr. Oz says as a heart surgeon he loves to find ways to improve the health of your heart by lowering your blood pressure and cholesterol. His next best kept health secret is a new cooking oil that could do just that!


  1. Wendy Adams says

    Hi Dr. Oz….When I had my first tatoo, the artist told me to keep it clean and use Jergens lotion. I did and my tatoo cracked n peeled causing so much pain. My Dermatologist gave me triple antibiotic ointment to use; which helped but I lost alot of color because of peeling. It took months to heal. A year later I had it touched up and I was already using Aquaphor for my skin. I used it on my tatoo and it healed within weeks with no peeling or cracking. I use aquaphor everyday. I keep it in my purse…Its wonderful and I keep my tatoo moisturized with it everyday!!!

  2. Lorna Loomis says

    What is “Eurcerin Aquaphor”? Does it have another name? I live in Canada and my elderly spouse has a severe case of diaper rash. I am looking for it to cure up this problem. He came home from the hospital with it, by the way. It does not seem to be available here. Can you help me to help my husband? Thanks so much!

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