Dr Oz: Purple Potatoes Lower Blood Pressure & Facial Razor Review


Dr Oz: Best Way to Remove Chin Hair

One of the most embarrassing problems that many women face is unwanted hair. As we age, it seems to pop up in more in more places where we do not want it, especially the upper lip, so Dr. Oz shared the reasons why it happens and what you can do about it.

Dr Oz: How to Shave Your Upper Lip with a Facial Razor

Dr. Oz says that many women get hair on their upper lip, but many make the mistake of plucking the hairs when in reality they should be shaving them. He says you can accomplishment this with a special type of Facial Razor that can be found right at your local drug store for around $2!

Dr Oz: Threading Technique to Remove Chin Hair

Dr Oz: Purple Potatoes Lower Blood Pressure & Facial Razor Review

Dr Oz says eating purple potatoes twice a week will lover your blood pressure and improve your health.


  1. Linda Larson says

    Also, where can I find purple potatoes, I live in Minnesota. Please let me know, I have high blood pressure! Thanks Dr. Oz show.

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