Dr Oz: Revealing Health Photos + #OzHealthySelfie — No Makeup Selfie


Dr Oz: Revealing Health Photos

Do you hate looking at pictures of yourself, or do you love it? On social media, “selfies” are all the rage. Selfies are photos that people take of themselves, usually using a cell phone. Dr Oz said he always notices his broken nose, but he wanted everyone to stop being self-critical of their pictures. He used selfies of his audience to give them health advice. Share your own picture with the hashtag #ozhealthyselfie.

Dr Oz: Healthy Smile Selfies

Dr Oz: Revealing Health Photos + #OzHealthySelfie — No Makeup Selfie

Dr Oz said you should not be shy about your appearance, and he encouraged women to share pictures of themselves without makeup, using #ozhealthyselfie.



  1. Stephanie says

    I am trying to post a picture of myself but having a hard time doing so for the no makeup Selfie for Dr Oz.

  2. says

    Try posting your Healthy Selfie to your favorite social network (such as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook) using the hashtag #OzHealthySelfie.

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